Frequently Asked Questions

Registration: Registering and Matrimonial Profile Creation

How do I find a Jain bride or groom?
Jain2Jain.org has thousands of Jain profiles for both brides and grooms. You can use the search option to find the right match for you. You can also register on Jain2Jain.org to start getting responses from other Jain users.

How can I register on Jain2Jain.org?
Registering on Jain2Jain.org is a simple process. To create your profile and become a member, click on "Register Free" button on homepage. This opens a registration form designed to capture your information and your desired partner information in detail. The registration form consists of several simple steps where you are supposed to furnish your details.

How can I complete/edit my profile on Jain2Jain.org?
You can easily edit your profile following these steps:
1. Login on website with your credentials
2. Click on "Edit My Profile" option in "My Profile"
3. Select from various sections of profile information you wish to edit. You can choose to edit the information you want

What are the benefits of registering on Jain2Jain.org?
You interact with lacs of active members and get fast results for your matrimonial search

Can I register a matrimonial profile on behalf of a relative or a friend?
Yes. You can register on behalf of your relative or friend.

How much do I have to pay to register on Jain2Jain.org?
You can register on the website for FREE. Go ahead, register and post your profile right NOW! If you wish to avail premium membership, you can get the details at Membership Options page.

How long does it take to register and create a matrimonial profile on Jain2Jain.org?
Registration and profile creation on Jain2Jain.org is a simple process. To register your basic profile, it will take about 5-7 minutes.

The form seems to be a bit lengthy. Do I need to fill it entirely?
We understand that it may become tedious for you to fill a long form in one single shot. However, matrimony is serious business, and it is important to convey detailed information to interested members. The more information you provide about yourself the more likely you are to be contacted by other members of Jain2Jain.org matrimonial. So please do take the time and effort to complete your profile.
Register Now with Jain2Jain.org and post your matrimonial profile

What is the advantage of verifying my contact number? How can I do it?
For verifying mobile number, you receive an OTP on the mobile number provided by you. You can enter the OTP in the designation area to verify the mobile number. By doing this, your number is verified. It is important and helpful because you"ll never miss out any important information and notification from Jain2Jain.org once you verify your contact number.

What is a Profile ID? Is it important?
This is auto-generated unique Id. This unique Id is for every individual who registers on Jain2Jain.org. It is important and helpful because a user can see your profile details by inputting the profile ID in the given profile ID box whenever he/she wishes to search for your profile.

What is partner criteria?
Partner Criteria essentially includes details that you would desire in your preferred partner. This gives us better understanding of your ideal partner, and we suggest better matches based on your preference. Also, other members understand that what kind of partner you are looking for.

How to delete my profile?
1. Login on website with your credentials
2. Click on "Edit My Profile" option in "My Profile"
3. Click on "Account Settings" tab
4. Click on "Remove Profile" tab
5. Select the option as the case may be and submit
In case you have found your partner through Jain2Jain.org, we will be happy if you share your success story with us. You can do so by filling this short form.

I can't find the information I need. How can I get that?
Share your feedback with any query or comments.

Can I change/edit my information after registration? What all I can change?
The profile post creation can be edited by using "Edit Profile" link under your name on Menu. Once you login, go to "Edit Profile" link and update the information you wish to change.
Except certain basic details like Name, Marital Status and Gender, most of the information can be changed. If you wish to change any of these 3 fields then the same can be done by our support team. To change these fields just reach us at our helpline numbers.

Login and Password

How do I login into Jain2Jain.org?
The Login button is found in the Jain2Jain.org menu or from Login Page. Simply enter your profile id, password and your relation with the candidate to login. You can also select "Remember Me" option for better experience if using on your personal device

How do I logout from Jain2Jain.org?
We don't recommend users to logout unless using a public device. Staying logged in helps us give better user experience by providing auto-login facility when you visit us next time. Logout option is available on top right when you hover on your name in Desktop version and in Menu in Mobile version of the website.

Can I be permanently logged into my account to avoid logging in every time I visit Jain2Jain.org?
Yes, you can be logged into your account permanently. While logging into your account, select the checkbox option "Remember Me", that can be seen below the login box. When you select this option and login, you can be always logged into your Jain2Jain.org. You need not login the next time you visit Jain2Jain.org.

Is it safe to be permanently logged into the Jain2Jain.org?
If you share your computer with other persons, then your Jain2Jain.org information will be vulnerable to tampering. In any case, as a safety precaution, if you do not use Jain2Jain.org for 30 days, you will be asked to login again when you visit even if you have chosen the permanent login feature.

Can other members of Jain2Jain.org come to know when I am logged into Jain2Jain.org?
Yes, other members on Jain2Jain.org can see when you were last active.

How can I change my Email id?
1. Go to "Edit Profile" option under your name in the menu
2. Select "Contact/Login" tab
3. Provide your new e-mail id and re-type it
4. Save changes

How can I change my password?
1. Go to "Edit Profile" option under your name in the menu
2. Select "Contact/Login" tab
3. Provide your current password, new password and re-type new password to confirm
4. Save changes

What if I forget my password?
Click on the "Forgot Password/Profile Id" link on the login page and enter your Profile Id. Your password will be sent to you immediately through Email and SMS on your registered email address and mobile number respectively.

What if I forget my profile id?
Click on the "Forgot Password/Profile Id" link on the login page and enter your Email address. You will be shown the profiles registered with the entered email id.

How do I contact other members?
When you like a user's profile and want to contact them, the first step is to "Send Interest" to them. To do that, use "Send Interest" option on the result or profile page.
An Expression of Interest can be sent by both FREE and PREMIUM members of Jain2Jain.org. PREMIUM members will be able to send a personalized message with the interest. Personalized message increases the chances of a response from the person contacted. So it is advisable to upgrade to a PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP

Is there a limit on the number of profiles I can see?
There is no restriction to view Basic Profiles for both FREE and PREMIUM members. A paid member can view all the profile details without any limit restrictions. Viewing phone numbers/personalized biodata comes under limit based on the Premium Membership Plan you have opted for.

Search Options

How can I search for Jain bride/groom?
The search on Jain2Jain.org has been designed in a user-friendly way so that it is always effective and yields the results that you are looking for. You can simply select your criteria and see the resulting list of profiles.

What search criteria options are available?
You can search profiles based on Age, Height, Marital Status, Education, Occupation, Income, Location, Mother Tongue, Family Type, Family Status, Family Values, Diet, Drinking Habits, Smoking Habits, Complexion, Body Type, Manglik and much more.

In what order partner search results are sorted?
The search results are sorted based on last activity by the user. You can also sort by recently added or not viewed profiles.

What is Profile Id search?
Using this search, you can visit other user's profile and view details of that particular profile if you have their profile Id.

What is Name search?
Using this search, you can search the profiles on website based on full or partial name or surname or a combination of both.

What do I do to maximize the response for my search to find my dream match?
To find your soulmate, follow the given steps:

1. Create an online profile: this is the first and most important step. This profile will determine how others who come to the site will know you as. Be honest and spend time filling the open fields regarding yourself, your family and who you are looking for.
2. Upload a good, clear photo: 70% of all searches are for a photo profile, so it is important to have your photo in your profile.
3. Specify the partner profile: This will help us as well as others to have some idea of what you want. Please put only those conditions that are an absolute must and not which are desirable. Things like tall, dark, very fair etc. restricts the matches, so avoid them. In case of a problem, write back to us or call us while creating a profile.
4. Send enough interests: Log in and search profiles and then send interests to profiles that you like. This is a first step, so send as many interests as you can.
5. As a free member, you will be able to send interest. But if/when you upgrade to a PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP, you can send your own customized message to others and can see their contact details and take the conversation to the next level.

Profile Communication

How can I Send a Message?
Once you have sent a interest or received an interest from any user, you will get option on their profile to send message to them. You can also attach a message while sending/accepting/declining interest or sending reminder. This feature is available to PREMIUM Members.


What are Jain2Jain.org Alerts? Why should I subscribe to them?
There are email alerts and SMS alerts. You are automatically subscribed to email alerts at the time of registration. To subscribe to SMS alert, you can get your mobile number verified and start getting alerts.

How can I subscribe/unsubscribe to Jain2Jain.org Alerts on email or mobile phone?
You can't change alerts settings on email. To subscribe/unsubscribe to Jain2Jain.org alerts on mobile, follow these steps:
1. Go to "Edit My Profile" option under "My Profile"
2. Verify the Mobile number which you want to start the SMS Alerts to
3. Choose "Yes"/"No" for sending alerts for individual mobile numbers


What are the benefits of becoming a Paid/Premium Member?
As a Premium member, you can optimize your matrimonial search at a very nominal cost. Here are a few of the benefits:
1. View photos of others without any restrictions
2. Send personal and customized messages along with your contact details directly to other members
3. View contact details like address and telephone numbers, relative and family occupation details of people.
4. Use automatic horoscope match feature and match your horoscope with other members directly at click of a button.

What payment option are available for becoming a Paid/Premium Member?
You can pay for the premium membership by various online modes including Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Net Banking, IMPS, UPI, Wallets etc

Can I get Paid/Premium Membership of Jain2Jain.org Free?
You can complete your profile to 100% to avail 1-month Free Premium Membership. You can avail it once per person

What is the refund policy of Jain2Jain.org?
Since Jain2Jain.org allows its members to communicate with other members before they pay, we do not refund membership fees. This policy while providing value for money for Jain2Jain.org members also ensures that the company is protected. Any exceptions to this policy will be made at the sole discretion of Jain2Jain.org management.

My Home

What is "My Home"?
"My Home" is your personalized section on Jain2Jain.org. The Dashboard is an all comprehensive briefcase which helps you to manage your profile information as well as to carry out your searches effectively. Based on the feedback that you receive, you can constantly update your profile through this section.

What are the features of "My Home"?
1. Profile completeness: If there is any information which is incomplete, it will be reflected on this page.
2. Profile Statistics: This section shows you details about your profile
3. Communications: This section shows you the details of various communications made by/to you.

What does "My Matches" section contain?
This section shows the profiles of the members who match your profile. This is an auto match making service.
1. Partner Matches: This is one way match making process. This section would have the list of the members who match your preferred partner profile.
2. Reverse Matches: This section would have the list of the members whose preferred partner profile is fulfilled by you.
3. Favourite Matches: This section enables you to select and save the profiles that you have saved in Favourite while searching. The utility of these profiles is that you can view them later after you have added them. You can further initiate contact with profile you wish to meet. 4. Shortlisted Matches: This section enables you to select and save the profiles that you have shortlisted while searching. The utility of these profiles is that you can view them later since you have shortlisted once. You can further initiate contact with profile you wish to meet.

Report Misuse

What should I do if I see an offensive post on the site?
If you have noticed anything on the site that you believe is violation of our terms and conditions, then please use the 'Report Misuse' feature to bring it to our attention. We will review it and take appropriate action.

Service Related Issue

What should I do if I face any issue on the site?
If you face any issues on the site, then please use the 'Report Service Issue' feature to bring it to our attention. We will review it and fix it at the earliest. Please be aware that, depending on backlogs and other technical issues, this may take a while.